Business Continuity Plans

At PMc we have a well established BCP to help us maintain our service during periods where we are unable to use our office. We have now refined that plan for the current pandemic.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staff and that of our clients.

We are following NHS and the Government’s guidance as it develops and have decided to take the following measures from Wednesday 18 March 2020:

  1. The majority of PMc staff are working from home – we are maintaining a minimal staffing level in the Winchester office.  
  2. We are avoiding all use of public transport.
  3. We are avoiding all face to face meetings and are instead using telephone conferencing (pow wow now) and Microsoft Teams to conduct meetings by videoconference.
  4. Where visits to construction sites are required as part of our role these will continue, however, routine project meetings and update meetings will take place using video or telephone conferencing.
  5. A hand sanitiser has been installed in the reception of our Winchester Office on the wall – all staff and visitors are requested to use this before entering the first floor office space.

By eliminating all unnecessary travel and face to face meetings and adhering to hand washing and sanitising recommendations we intend to play our part in helping to slow down and/or prevent the spread of C19. 

We are already well set up for remote working. All of our data and core systems are cloud based which means work is what we do not where we are. We already operate over two offices in London and Winchester – for the next few weeks we will now be operating over a few more workspaces. With the use of Whattsapp, face-time, Microsoft Teams and pow-wow-now we are able to work effectively as a team (perhaps more effectively) and deliver the best possible service to our clients.

As a result of the current outbreak we have also decided to formalise our sickness policy – we operate a policy based on 100% of salary from day one of sickness. We aim to look after each other and in doing so look after our clients to the best of our abilities.

We have assessed the potential impact of the pandemic on the projects we have on site and under tender.  We currently have projects on site, projects about to start on site, projects in the tender phase and projects in the design phase.  We are committed to delivering each and everyone of these projects in partnership with our client, consultant and contractor partners. Our contractor partners are currently able to keep their sites in operation with essential site based staff keeping buildings being built.  The vast majority of non-site staff in our contractor and consultant partners are now working from home.  At the current time, we have relaxed the requirement for printed tenders to be submitted at the same time as electronic copies (following RICS guidance). We are pleased to report that contractors are continuing to submit tenders for future projects. We are discussing the impact of COVID19 on the programme for the delivery of projects in the spirit of collaboration and partnership. 

Peter Marsh and Robert Rees
18 March 2020