Curriculum-led Space Planning

We apply the experience we have developed as a team over forty years to ensure we optimise the use of space in the buildings we help create. Getting the right brief for space, based on a proven methodology that uses a detailed bottom-up assessment of how each space will be used is how we ensure that our briefs will work and every square metre of new space will contribute to the success of future buildings.

As an education-led capital advisory service the foundation of all of our work is to assess how much space our client’s need to deliver on their curriculum strategy.

Our education space planning work is led by Peter, Rob and Michelle who combine their expertise and experience in estates development, curriculum design and planning and data analysis. This ensures that all outputs from our space planning work (whether it be a stand-alone exercise or one that underpins a school, college or university’s estates strategy) is both rigorous and robust and can be used with confidence by clients when making decisions.

We have a well-established approach to curriculum-led space planning thanks to one of our founding Directors, Dr Grace Kenny. Grace had a PhD in Education Space Management and wrote the Further Education space planning guidance whilst working at the Department for Education. Grace died in February 2021 but much of work continues to inform and influence the underlying principles of educational space planning – a world in which PMc are regularly sought for their advice.

All of the estate strategies that PMc have completed begin with space planning. To date, we have completed over 30 estate strategies for clients across England – a sample of which can be found in our Estates Strategies

We have also completed a range of curriculum-led space planning analysis that support architect-led master planning for a range of universities, specialist colleges independent schools, local authorities and as retained advisors to The States of Guernsey. A sample of our client list includes:

  • Hampshire County Council
  • The Anglo-European Chiropractic College
  • The London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • The Langley School
  • Berkhamsted School

In all of our curriculum-led space planning work we:

  • Take a series of snapshots of the organisation’s curriculum (including student numbers, student guided learning hours and attendance) in year and for the previous year;
  • Discuss with the Senior Leadership Team how they want to realise their curriculum strategy in the next 5-10 years; and,
  • Undertake a visual room inspection and compare the observed findings with the organisation’s Schedule of Accommodation and timetabled activity.

As a result of the above, our clients receive a detailed report which includes sections on:

  • The estates utilisation (who well is the organisation’s estate currently being used?)
  • The estates condition and functionality (is the organisation’s estate fit for purpose and to what extent, or not, are the needs of both the curriculum and students being met?)
  • Options for development, disposal, right-sizing and/or refurbishment.


Space Planning Projects