Space Planning

We apply the experience we have developed as a team over forty years to ensure we optimise the use of space in the buildings we help create. Getting the right brief for space, based on a proven methodology that uses a detailed bottom-up assessment of how each space will be used is how we ensure that our briefs will work and every square metre of new space will contribute to the success of future buildings.

Our education space planning work is led by Peter, and Michael.  We were mentored and coached in the subtleties of FE Space Planning by Grace Kenny who was our Director of Space Planning from 2015 to 2020.  Grace had a PhD in Education Space Management and wrote the Further Education space planning guidance whilst working at the Department for Education.  Between us we have conducted space planning exercises at over 50 colleges, universities and schools with a combined area of nearly one million square metres.   Grace passed away in February 2021; her work continues.

In the 11-18 school sector we have deployed our understanding of BB93 and BB103 space guidance for a range of independent schools, Local Authority, and Governments.  We bring the experience we have in running colleges, managing MIS teams and making buildings work, to ensure that our space planning advice is both technically sound and operationally grounded.

We have completed space planning analysis for every estates strategy we have written as well as bespoke pieces of work for the States of Guernsey, Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Futures, The Anglo-European Chiropractic College, Berkhamsted School, The Dixie Grammar School, and The London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

In the school sector we complete capacity and utilisation reviews as a stand alone service or as part of our strategic estate work.  Using data that is extracted from timetabling systems we complete a room utilisation health check using a simple Red, Amber, Green rating to assess the frequency of use, occupancy when in use, and overall utilisation.  We find these health checks prompt constructive conversations about how existing spaces are currently used; as well as how alternative uses of existing spaces should be considered alongside new build options as part of estates master-planning work.

Space Planning Projects

States of Guernsey, 11-18 Space Planning Report