Strategic Client Advice

With the depth of our experience as a client in education, local government and housing sectors we are able to offer strategic advice at any stage of project delivery.  

We enjoy deploying our experience to add value to projects and to ensure our clients are getting the best from their consultant and contractor teams.  We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, understanding and mutual respect.  Both Peter and Steve act as Strategic Client advisors on a number of projects – ably assisted by our project managers to execute a range of projects that may flow from this long-term strategic relationship.

In March 2021 Peter was invited by Wilmott Dixon to contribute to a workshop titled “Unlocking FE Projects”. 

The session can be watched on video here:

AoC Finance Conference Estates Strategy Development May 2019

Strategic Client Advisory Projects

Tower Hamlets Town Hall

The Guernsey Institute

The Guernsey Institute: Guernseys New Provider of Further and Higher Education

States of Guernsey – 11-18 Space Planning Report