The Henley College

The Henley College is located in Henley, Oxfordshire it was formed in 1987 from the merger of the prior South Oxfordshire Technical College and the Henley 6th Form.

Offering a range of both academic and vocational courses, the Sixth Form College operates over their two sites of Rotherfield and Deanfield. PMc were first appointed in 2017 to complete a strategic review of estate options and to develop a long term estate strategy for the College. We completed this work in partnership with architects APLB, and examined a wide variety of options before determining that the retention and redevelopment of the two existing sites was the preferred option. We conducted extensive stakeholder engagement with staff, learners, the LEP and Town Council to generate buy-in and ownership of the future vision of the College estate.

Subsequently from 2018 onwards PMc have written funding bids and project managed a series of refurbishment works across both campuses including:

  • the creation of new STEM spaces for electronics in Deanfield D5;
  • the modernisation and expansion of facilities for learners with special needs in Deanfield D2;
  • the refurbishment of art and textiles studios at Rotherfield R3;
  • the refurbishment of the first floor of Deanfield D1 building to create new digital skills and enterprise Hub – funded by Oxfordshire LEP;
  • the refurbishment of general teaching spaces and specialist sports spaces in Rotherfield R1 and R2;
  • the refurbishment of the ground floor of Deanfield D5 to create T-Level health and science teaching spaces;
  • the refurbishment of Rotherfield R3 to create a LEP-funded creative industries suite;
  • the refurbishment of Deanfield D5 to create T-Level spaces for business, digital, law and engineering; and,
  • and in 2024 PMc will be delivering further projects to refurbish spaces in Deanfleid D6 and elsewhere to accommodate a growth in 16-18 learner numbers.

Through the delivery of a series of projects we have been able to work with the College to transform learning environments over a series of summer breaks and to retain and enhance the unique and historic settings that the College enjoys. Further work to review how additional teaching space can be created on both campuses will be completed in 2024 to ensure that the accommodation strategy continues to meet the needs of the College to 2030 and beyond.


“I would like to thank you and your team for helping us to deliver our vision which we set out in January 2017 – PMc have guided us well with our development plans to deliver parts of the vision in a different way to our original plan. It has been a pleasure working with you and your partners to have had the projects delivered well on time, within budget and with the least inconvenience to staff and students.”

Satwant Deol, Principal

“I just wanted to send my thanks for giving the art department an amazing new space and facilities to work from. I went for a walk around today and I have seen the final images and it all looks incredible. It is an ideal space for the art department – the students are going to love being up there.

It is a great asset to the department as well as the college and I am very grateful to you all. Thanks for the hard work and commitment that has been put into setting it up for the area. These rooms along with the new Mac suit will give students and staff the perfect foundation to build on the creative arts area and move it forward.

I’m very excited to see it all being used this year.”

Sarah Wilson, Curriculum Leader for Creative Industries

“I am pleased that with PMc’s support and vision, the projects from last and this summer have delivered on all of the above and importantly are excellent solutions

I have been told by a number of staff and governors, that projects in the past failed to deliver to the same standards as these recent ones, so we should be pleased with our collective performance, but also that we’ve set a high standard and improved the level of confidence amongst stakeholders in our ability to deliver successful projects.”

Ashok Patel, Interim Director of Finance and Operations

“I just wanted to say thank you to you both for the new media suite. I appreciate the amount of work and money that has gone into it and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. It is the most gorgeous room, it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to start teaching in it. Thank you so much for your support and for everything.”

Sarah Wilson, Curriculum Leader for Creative Industries

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