Havant and South Downs College (HSDC) have an important role in supporting the acquisition of skills, promotion of learning and supporting the cultural and social development of the town of Havant and its surrounding areas. PMc were approached by HSDC in 2017 to produce an Estates Strategy for the merger between Havant College and South Downs College. Following the approval of the Estates Strategy and subsequent merger, PMc were retained as client advisors to project manage the outcomes of the piece of work.

In 2018, PMc updated the Estates Strategy to facilitate the merger with Alton College which was approved in February 2019. We have subsequently worked with the College to secure investment to support T-Levels, the South Coast IoT, 16-18 expansion and FECTF grants. PMc are retained by the College as Client Advisors and Project Managers on the following projects and have overseen £14 million of investment in the campuses since the conclusion of the estates strategy work including:

· £400k refurbishment of the reception and student services space at all 3 campuses;

· £1m refurbishment of the Havant campus to create the A Level centre of excellence;

· £1.2m refurbishment at Alton to create a gaming hub funded by the Enterprise M3 LEP;

· £800k refurbishment at Alton to create an Independent Learning Centre / Independence Hub with funding from Hampshire County Council;

· A series of T Level projects at South Downs and Alton campuses covering a wide range of technical and vocational teaching spaces; and,

· £2.6m of investment to create space and install specialist equipment as part of the South Coast Institute of Technology at the South Downs Campus.

“I appointed Peter and PMc to work with us to lead the estates work-stream and develop our property strategy because of his track record of leading major developments at Fareham and elsewhere, the respect with which he is held by our regulator, and the confidence he inspires in potential funders and other partners. The PMc team have demonstrated empathy with our vision to develop an accommodation strategy for the new college that is ambitious, deliverable and firmly rooted in the educational mission of the new institution.”

Mike Gaston, Principal and Chief Executive of South Downs College

HSDC Alton – Digital Gaming Hub And Reception

HSDC Havant Refurbishment

HSDC South Coast Institute of Technology – East Building

HSDC Alton Independent Living Centre

HSDC South Downs T Levels